During his time in the Senate of Japan, Kenzo Fujisue realized the ideals of the pacifist constitution and worked beyond party affiliation to spread the ideals around the world.
In the last ten years, “peace-loving Japan” has fallen into a serious crisis. Following the “upgrading from the Defense Agency to the Ministry of Defense”, “modification of the three principles of arms export”, and “improvement of security legislation to enable the exercise of the right of collective self-defense”, there is also a movement to “reform the Constitution”.

With the sacrifice of 3.1 million people, the Peace Constitution is the culmination of our wish and pledge to never go to war again. Along with Constitution 9, I have worked with many colleagues across party lines to realize the ideal of “all peoples of the world should live in peace, free from fear and want”, which is stated in the preamble of the Peace Constitution.

We will continue to spread the principles of the peace constitution to the world.

Promoting “Human Security”

  • Promoting “Human Security” The “Coalition for the Promotion of Human Security,” which consists of nearly 100 bipartisan Diet members, will work to submit and enact the “Human Security Promotion Bill” (the outline of the bill has already been prepared). To do

rid the world of nuclear weapons

  • In collaboration with parliamentarians, religious figures, and intellectuals from other countries, we will first aim to realize the “Northeast Asia Nuclear Free Zone Concept” consisting of Japan, South Korea, and North Korea.

To ensure that “all the peoples of the world are free from want”

  • We will reduce the defense budget and expand international assistance through ODA and other means.
  • We will promote the eradication of infectious diseases, including polio, which remains in the remaining two countries.

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