During his time in the Senate of Japan, Kenzo Fujisue was politically active in increasing scholarships and making high school classes free of charge.

“Those who are born poor stay poor.” This chain of poverty is becoming more prominent in Japan, and the biggest solution is education.

However, now that education costs money, the situation is such that income disparities create educational disparities.

In order to eliminate this educational disparity, I have been working to improve the scholarship system based on my own experience of not going to cram schools but taking exams only in school classes and graduating from university with three scholarships.

In addition, we have supported the enhancement of educational content so that students can advance to higher education without relying on cram schools.
We will continue to develop an educational environment where people who want to learn can learn.

public education improvement

  • We will increase the number of teachers by 30,000 and complete a class of 35 students so that we can provide detailed guidance.
  • We will improve the educational environment so that public school classes alone are sufficient to prepare for university entrance examinations.

Enhancement of scholarship system

  • During the administration, the loan budget was increased by 20% from 1,005.5 billion yen (FY2010) to 1,198.2 billion yen (FY2013). By expanding this to 2 trillion yen, we will realize a loan of 120,000 yen per month to all applicants.

An educational system where you can learn with a smile when you want to learn

  • Reduce college tuition to increase learning opportunities.
  • We will develop an educational system that is easy for working adults and seniors to learn so that they can learn when they want to.

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