During his time in the Senate of Japan, Kenzo Fujisue was active in political activities to improve the social security system and support single-father families.

As a member of the National Diet elected to the proportional representation districts, I have heard many calls for “correction of disparities” while traveling all over Japan.

In particular, from people such as caregivers and nursery teachers who work with heavy responsibilities for low wages, people in unstable positions due to irregular employment such as temporary workers, and elderly people who are struggling to live on small pensions. I’m telling you a really tough situation.

In order to seriously correct the disparity, we propose to the government to allocate the increased revenue from the consumption tax hike in 2019 to social security expenses, and to increase employment by allocating it to improving the working conditions of caregivers and childcare workers in particular.

We will improve the social security system so that people can live with peace of mind.

  • e will establish a minimum pension system so that people can live their old years with peace of mind.
  • By further utilizing My Number, we will be able to receive a pension according to income.

We will promote efforts to extend healthy life expectancy so that we can live in good health forever.

  • We will utilize smartphone apps and other means to improve health management (health care) to prevent illness.

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