During his time in the Senate of Japan, Kenzo Fujisue was active in political activities to support the employment of people with disabilities and to support small and medium-sized enterprises.

As of 2014, non-regular employees accounted for about 40% of all working people, and the average annual income gap with regular employees was more than 2 million yen per person. This has led to an increase in the number of unmarried young people and is one of the major causes of the declining birthrate.

For this reason, we have worked to create an environment where people can earn a stable income and build a family.
We will continue to advance these efforts.

Strengthening support for corporate employment promotion

  • We will further expand the employment promotion tax system, which was newly established in 2011 and has so far received 170,000 employment promotion plans from companies nationwide.

Make the company for working people

  • We will implement a “public company bill” to make companies belong to “working people” rather than “funding stockholders only.”
  • Main Contents of the “Public Company Bill”
    ●Appointing employee representatives as auditors
    ●Easier to set up an employee shareholding association
    ●Increased authority of long-term shareholders

Equal wages for equal work

  • We will prepare related bills, such as the Equal Pay Promotion Bill for Equal Work, which would stipulate that wages should be the same for employees who have the same job content, and the Regular Employment Promotion Bill, which would stipulate that companies should pay the same amount of social insurance premiums for regular employees and dispatched workers.

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